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Best Bike Ride in the World !

This year for the first time ever, riders will have the opportunity to detour through the Blackpool Pleasure Beach via North Gate. Riders who wish to detour into the Pleasure Beach will be greeted by a live DJ set; Nickelodeon and Blackpool Pleasure Beach characters and will be open from 7pm-10pm for cyclists only. The Pleasure Beach staff have kindly volunteered their time to give people this fantastic new experience. All shapes and sizes were riding bikes,some were decorated,children were laughing with delight ( as I was!) Strangely not everybody wore crash helmets,apparently not legally required in the UK ( as they are in Australia) Cars have been banned for the whole 5 mile ride (7pm till 10pm) the famous Blackpool Illuminations were also turned on and the whole atmosphere was electric !! It was a fantastic well organized family affair and I only wish I had a bike !! Blackpool lately has been full on this season and reminiscence of the 60,s,maybe affairs overseas are once more driving people back to this wonderful holiday town on the Irish Sea coast

Last weekend was also a Bank Holiday ( Public Holiday) and the town was buzzing,Will Smith did a promenade show to a massive crowd and the show ended with a fantastic firework display that could be seen from my flat window.Next weekend is also a “biggie” with the annual official switch on of the world famous Blackpool Illuminations with the theme involving the might Star Trek Series.I,m worn out !!!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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