Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Just felt like a Rant,coz I can !!

Been a strange past week or so,everybody reminiscing on Princess Death Anniversary to the point (my view) where it has gone ridiculous,after all these years let the girl alone.Trump seems to stir hatred up in a lot of people and yet millions voted for him? I admire his stance on that horrible person who runs North Korea otherwise me thinks he maybe rogue? Firing missiles over Japan is very scary and I believe this despot should be ovethrown.Donald Trump is not shown much respect by his people and that is a shame However I dont live in the USA and do not understand their politics .In Australia where I have lived for the past 35 yrs voting is compulsory which in a way gives everyone a right to condemn or appreciate their chosen leaders.This Country ( UK) has changed so much in past years and I fear religion is dividing this once very friendly nation ( I was lucky enough to be born mid 40s ,my schooling was thru the 50s and my teenage years thru the 60,s) Kids schools were seperated into Catholic & Church of England ,however some of my best pals were from Catholic schools ( I was C of E but now an Atheist) and NEVER did we allow religion to get in our outside school activities (this coming Monday there is a programme showing how diverse this country is by showing a young teenage Muslim meeting up with a C of E teenager,should be compulsive viewing) Notting Hill seems to have stirred people up and in recent years was a peaceful event and now? drug taking and being offensive to Police doesn,t seem to make it a safe place anymore.Brexit? what a joke !!  people voted OUT so why is it taking so long? My life is in its seniors years but I am still loving life to the extreme and will do so as long as I can.Blackpool Illuminations have just been switched on (Google it) there is plenty going on next door in St Annes,lots of Shows going on at the present,life is good and I feel better for my short rant ( I love Freedom of Speech) SO upwards and Onwards (with a bit of Karaoke thrown in tonight !!) Peace to you all



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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