Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Wonderful World

Strange but wonderful past few days.Plans for my Oz trip are well in hand and the old banger I bought on UK arrival for £250 has been used as a part exchange for a new motor that I will pick up on my way back from Oz.Banger is 17 yrs old and is classed as “scrappage” material and entitled me to a £2000 exchange fee !!  what a winner !! Entertainment is still in full swing and the weekly firework competition is gathering momentum with the views from my flat being brilliant.Weather is exact opposite from my Australian life BUT I am still loving it. Had  quick drink with my eldest son and son No 2 has promised a visit very soon ( he lives in London) Fish n Chips are still the best in the world in Blackpool and the Pork Pies are very tasty ( and yet I can,t eat Pork as a Roast) I leave these shores for a few weeks on Monday and looking forward to meeting up with my Ozzie family.My long Golden Blonde Locks (yes thats right Golden) have been shorn and I have bought some skinny jeans !!  (Legs are ok  but the overhang is expanding daily) I love this pensioner status cos  I dont really care what people think about the way I dress ! PLUS I cant remember the last time I wore Jeans for lengthy periods.My ageing overcoats have been aired extensively although after 10/15 yrs they still look new.My new Car will open up great travelling days from next year and hopefully time in Europe will be a must (Insurance allows me 90 days per year in Europe) Warranty is for 7 (yes SEVEN) yrs with Services paid up front for the next 3 yrs As the saying goes  Life is Good…roll on 2018 and now Im off to Oz…


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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