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Early 2017 Review

This review is early because I will be off the Net for a few days and will be extremely busy over the Christmas period with my lovely family. Early in 2017 my partner and I decided to go our own ways for various reasons and being a young 72 yr old I am not quite ready for the settling down life just yet,being an atheist ( thank god) I want to do so much more.Hervey Bay is a lovely spot,sadly I was getting bored and missing out with my friends ( details I won,t go into) and felt isolated. We sold our lovely house that had so much work put into into it and my beloved tools are no more having sold them BUT most of all I miss my treasured Chesterfield Settee !! In the early months I stayed with my daughter in Perth for a couple of weeks and traveled onto Blackpool UK from there and stayed at my brothers until I found a lovely flat (sadly on the second floor and NO lift) fortunately I have now found a lovely ground floor flat in an area  I like.My niece Jenine has been instrumental in my move and I don,t know how I would have managed with out her. My nephew organized a cheap automatic car for me for £200 and I traded that in later for a new Kia motor having being given £2000 ! for the old one under the British scrappage scheme (such luck) I have used a local pub The Queens as my regular drinking venue having made lots of friends of both genders. Saturday Karaoke is a favourite attraction for me PLUS at weekends there is always a good band on.Thursdays  is Bingo & Quiz night and thoroughly entertaining !!  Friday is now a biggie and I have joined and played a few games now for the Domino team (and met lots more pals along the trips away) Occasionally we travel to my nephews pub in Preston and guaranteed great nights.Blackpool is renowned for its entertainment value throughout the world and I have been to a few already this year and saw one of my favourites from the 60,s LIVE  none other that Marty Wilde (Teenager in Love + lots more hits of yesteryear) Sadly 3 of my pals have suffered Strokes and 3 deaths involving people I know and love.My ties with Australia will remain strong and while I can I will visit Perth twice a year. Christmas is but days away and family from around the globe are gathering here in Blackpool for which promises to be a real cracker !! Merry Christmas to everyone and Peace be with you all ( without exception) More to come after the Festive Season…xxxx


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  1. Merry Christmas Lux! Sounds like your 2017 has
    gone pretty much the way you had planned and it’s
    been a success. I hope 2018 is just as good to you
    and your family and friends. Be well. xo

    Comment by Roxanne | December 18, 2017 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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