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What a difference a Christmas makes within 12 months

This time last year will probably be my last in Australia,last years wasn’t a particular good one to remember and Ive just gone back over my Blog history and there is NO mention of Christmas/New Year 2016 ! HOWEVER this years is already beginning to look brilliant,family from Australia and London have arrived and its been nothing but laughs all the way ! Being an expert on all that is Blackpool I gave them a conducted tour of the Prom and Piers even tho we couldn’t see more that 2 feet in front of us because of the thick fog and for a brief moment I thought the Tower had been stolen !! Kids loved being in the amusement arcades where me and my younger brother spent much of our very happy youth (misspent youth) Did a whirlwind tour of Blackpool shops.In the afternoon I attended a funeral of a good friend of mine from yesteryear who was a top dart player in the 70s also ranked 16 th in the WORLD ( keep practising Jack cos I,m on my way eventually) The Wake was great and the non religious service is exactly what I want ! I also met up with a couple of postman pals from the 70s and we reminisced about our postie days and ironically we ALL passed our driving tests thanks to the Post Office ! Night time was a complete contrast to the days other events.We went to a PANTOMIME !!   Cinderella to be precise and NINE of my family enjoyed the brilliantly performed  entertainment and it was lovely to see lots of kids aged from 2 to 90 in attendance all shouting “he,s Behind You” or “Oh No it isn,t” and other phrases.It was a truly heart warming experience with my Australian and London kids/Grankids having never been to a Pantomime ( me and my younger brother were brought up in a world of music,magic,movies,shows ) and were all having a ball. Me and my youngest son went on to the pub for a few ( the others were tired out caused by all the excitement) and retired around 12.30 am !! All this latest Blog happened in ONE day and at NO time did we feel the cold ..Life is definitely great right now with LOTS more to come over the Christmas period

Photography is strictly forbidden during shows,however,I managed to get a quickie snap before the show.Not being Phone/Camera smart this the best I could do


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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