Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Homosexuals,Lesbians,Hetrosexuals,SSM and other stuff and I don,t give a toss

The Sexual Offences Act 1967 is an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom . It decriminalized homosexual acts in private between two men, both of whom had to have attained the age of 21. The Act applied only to England and Wales and did not cover the Merchant Navy or the Armed Forces. Homosexual acts were decriminalized in Scotland by the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 1980, which took effect on 1 February 1981 and in Northern Ireland by the Homosexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order 1982.   I left school at the ripe old age 0f 15 yrs and 2 weeks Easter 1960 and very quickly adapted to the “Seniors” way of life,i.e,going into pubs had a steady girl friend ( who I eventually married) and GAY  meant happy  ,Songs had words like “Oh happy day, I will be Gay” sang by a band known as the Gaylords ! Eventually this word was hijacked and now it is used to describe homosexuals and lesbians .I frequented a pub known as the Railway and the entertainment value was awesome ! The singer was named Jimmy King and also a valued friend and yes you,ve guessed it,he was GAY !! Sadly in those far off days being gay was illegal and those particular people had some very horrible detrimental names  hurled their way !! Wife no 2 was a semi professional singer and altho biased she was very good,we came across a lot of “gay” people in her line of duty and always respected our way of life as we did theirs .On one memorable occasion I was doing what comes natural in the urinals and a very good looking girl came in to the stalls,lifted her skirt up and started pee-ing !! HE was a drag artist and after having a great laugh we became good friends !! Another time we holidayed in Phuket and visited the local show , it was fabulous! great dresses,hair do’s and absolutely drop dead gorgeous ladies with hour glass figures to match, BUT NO !they are all men and wear the tag “Lady-boys”  I couldn’t resist and had a few pics taken after the show.Currently living in Australia there was a big push for same sex marriage and a plebiscite was held for same sex marriage(SSM) and I voted for.I have a problem on why MILLIONS of dollars was spent on this and yet IF the same enthusiasm was put into health,pensioners,homeless etc it would be fantastic  and I dont understand why the gay community keep pushing their agenda down our throats? The world has changed a lot since I were a nipper and what ever consenting adults get up to in their lives is entirely THEIR choice. As for young kids?  let them have fun the same as we did ( I can,t remember having sex lessons t school? we learnt the hard way <pun intended>  ) I recently read in the newspapers that  a number of schools are already teaching children as young as five about gay relationships and gender dysphoria. I still have some very good gay pals BUT there are a very,very few I dislike (not because they are gay,but because of their personalities).Life goes on,live it to the best of your abilities ( and pocket) whether you be hetro or gay or transgender have fun… I have it from good sources that Blackpool is now the “GAY” capital of England….Peace to you all


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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