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Blackpools Wind Farm and some Facts

Blackpool Offshore Wind farm , supplies green energy to the UK, is set in the Irish Sea and part of it is being connected by a cable to shore at Cleveleys, which then goes underground to Thornton.Located approx 15km west of Barrow-in-Furness the first one was installed on 12 July 2010 and the growing farm can just be seen on the distant horizon. each one capable of generating 3.6MW of electricity and a staggering total of 367.2MW which would be enough to power 320,000 homes. The maximum height of the turbines is 150m from blade tip to sea level ,only 8m (24’) shorter than Blackpool Tower! The cable comes ashore buried under the beach in front of Thornton Gate, and then continues underground on a route to Hillhouse Industrial Estate where a new sub-station is situated to transfer the power into the National Grid.Today’s wind turbines are much more complicated machines than the traditional prairie windmill. A wind turbine has as many as 8,000 different components. It is establishes as one of the world’s biggest wind farms being clearly visible from the Fylde Coast and around 12 mile away.Costing approx £147,000 in 2007 the turbines  will help power Blackpool’s world famous Illuminations and Sandcastle Water Park. I was fortunate enough to have my trusty camera on a very clear day to enable me to take some glorious photo’s ( except the one with a worker dangling on a blade !) I decided to do this particular blog because few locals know of the turbines existence or what they are capable of producing  ! Most of the information was collected via searching the Internet although not  a lot about the Blackpool’s Wind Farm










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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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