Geoffs Life After Work !

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Trough of Bowland Lancashire and a little scary History

Now that I have become very independent with my new KIA motor I am able to travel into our beautiful countryside (its now Winter and travel is restricted to a few miles BUT come the Summer I will hopefully travel further) I am considering travelling around Australia again come the end of the year.Here in England I have frequently visited the fantastic area known as The Trough of Bowland that is steeped in history and just a 30 minute drive away.Roaming sheep,flowing streams ,brooks and breath taking landscape mesmerizes me BUT sadly I have witnessed fools who leave their rubbish behind without a thought ! I caught up with a retired traveler who informed me that he was a Quantum Scientist !! so I told him I like beer ! and we continued to have a great conversation    One of the best-known features of the area is  Pendle Hill which lies in Pendle Forest. There are more than 500 listed buildings and 18 scheduled monuments in the area. Pendle witches in 1612 are among the most famous in English history, and some of the best recorded of the 17th century. The twelve accused lived in the area surrounding Pendle Hill in Lancs, and were charged with the murders of ten people All but two were tried at Lancaster Assizes  on 18–19 August 1612, along with the Samlesbury Witches and others, in a series of trials that have become known as the Lancashire witch trials. One was tried at York Assizes on 27 July 1612, and another died in prison. Of the eleven who went to trial – nine women and two men – ten were found guilty and executed by hanging; one was found not guilty.Over 400 yrs of history when people actually believed in Witch craft..must have been scary times 


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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