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A few years back I ventured into Hervey Bay and by chance found a niche in FraserCoast community Radio that lasted for around 3/4 years. After spending last 2 years having great adventures around the UK I have returned to my Australian “birth” place Perth. I have recently joined local community radio here in Joondalup WA and taken through the process of announcing that I have thoroughly loved (my late brother Jim actually worked for the BBC UK as a TV and Radio announcer circa 50/60 s) In doing so it brought back great memories (with a few hiccups) of my time at FraserCoast.I met a lovely man whom I trained with and have remained friends ever since.Memories of our lovely trainer Pat who was always stood behind us with a massive ( just kidding Pat) stick,prodding  me if I got it wrong .Majority of the announcers ( and office staff) were really great.After training I was given my own show (Rock n Roll 60s on) Feedback was mainly good and playing time (3 hrs) went so quickly.I covered other shows with different genres and one in particular I had so much fun doing was playing music from around the world and why on earth my good friend Jutta allowed me to do her show is a mystery ! Pronunciations went haywire announcing songs and artistes name from around this wonderful Globe.Outside broadcasts were great fun I even got accused of stealing the Outside Broadcast van ( I didn,t ) Sadly I no longer live in Hervey Bay but I do listen in occasionally and see lots of newcomers and a revitalized studio.I made lots of pals there (ok and the odd one or two who thought they owned the station!) Good luck to you all at FraserCoast…Paul my ole mucker? keep smiling .New horizons are hopefully about to begin here in Joondalup ( the Studio is smack in the centre of a University) Heres to the future……..

Just a small selection of Radio Pals there are lots more ,especially the Country music players and it was great fun teasing each other (Bob,Carol,Andrew,Lorraine) ladies who assisted with “adverts”  Libby and Kay who I believe now ( and quite rightly) have their own shows,the wonderful Mon,Carol and others.Thank you all for my my time mostly fun


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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