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Money Changes People and not always for the Better

Its almost a year that we lost our youngest daughter who passed away having given birth to a very healthy baby girl. Almost immediately her “partner” who had claimed single dole whilst my daughter worked ( they lived in Melbourne for a while) as she has worked since leaving school started asking my family for relevant paper so he could quickly access her Superannuation and any insurance money . Behind our backs “his” accountant approached various Funeral Directors for Death Certificate (very honourable I think not) “he” had received over $5000 from a GoFundMe  fundraiser  (my family totally disagreed with this concept and have to wonder what the money was used for) My family have bent over backwards helping out BUT as a reward ALL my family are barred from seeing our very precious Grandaughter. If our daughter had survived this horrible tragedy we know for a fact she and her newborn would never be away from her mother/grandmother and her direct family and I feel sure it would be a far better environment than the one our Grandaughter is now in

The statement below was part of an email “he” sent although I feel his accountant may have written it

the author of the next statement is KOLIN KHUEN-KRYK

I would be more than happy, in fact honored, to pay for Emma’s funeral if my application for the Superannuation is approved. However, as you would understand I would like to receive the invoice made out to myself for the payment of the funeral expenses that you would like me to pay. In addition to the invoice; the bank details will be required for any payment.  from KKK

Our daughters payout was around $250,000 (Super was approved)  plus GoFundMe of more than $5000 and all of her personal stuff including her car/phone etc

NEVER at any time has “he” offered to contribute any finance towards funeral cost     but probably bought a state of the art X-Box  plus it must have been costly  shaving a full blown Rasta hair cut ? I feel this man  has NO remorse and has probably forgotten our daughter all together.I can only hope our Grandaughter sees some of the money our daughter left and gets to go to the best education that her mums money inherited

We are NOT interested in financial legacy,however it would be nice if Funeral costs were paid for out of that legacy


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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