Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

1000 BLOGS !!!

I have loved writing in this form for around 12 years and for me it is a reminder of what was and where I have been .

Firstly I,d like to have a go at Woke People ,why the hell are they trying to make life a misery? Comedians must find it extremely tough these days ,In my pub/club days if I walked in late and the performing comedian was in full swing they would invariably have a go at me ( and others) People laughed and had such great times .Bernard Manning to me was a brilliant comedian and I have been in his club many, many years ago .Nobody was safe from him, BUT that was part of his show .People who don,t like his material were advised to stay away ( they didn,t!) Chubby Brown is renowned for his very bluntness and crude jokes ( I,m not a fan) People who find his material offensive simply keep away .I am not now or ever will be a racist which seems to be fashionable these days and I am certainly NOT a “privileged white person”

Being one of seven we weren,t rich but happy . Mam kept us in good food and at times struggled to clothe us with new stuff .At school people had nicknames that had to be accepted (whether we liked the names or not) We didnt have luxuries like phones ( thanks for that) or computers . Walking was necessary as we didn,t get lifts , teachers caned me and we still survived ! Respect was earned ,bad lads were sent to juvenile detention ( Borstal) Currently there is a black comedian who has done very well for himself and even got a Knighthood !! Always complaining about diversity and yet he is playing a dwarf in a Tolkien series ( he is by the way 6.3 tall) but thats ok eh Len? Sadly the world is on edge at the moment BUT people are still complaining about wokeism !! Ive had a great life, been lots of places, still got childhood pals ( thinning out a bit now tho ) I,m an Atheist but still believe in wrong & right

So come people (never find out who “they” actually are) stop being miserable,have a laff and learn to live with each other ,So endeth my 1000 th Blog


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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