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All Quiet on the Western Front

I have just watched a German made movie based on the lives of battle front Germans in WW1 called All Quiet on the Western Front.It shows the absolute horror of painful deaths,amputations and great family losses.

Numbers of losses were a strain on the manufacture of uniforms of which were heavily blood stained and retrieved from slain soldiers and reissued .Although these lads were German, they were human and fighting because a group of men declared they must go and fight !! Those soldiers of all nations couldn’t refuse to fight because they were classed as cowards or traitors and consequently, would be condemned to death by their own leaders ! ( think that would be called a Catch 22 situation these days)

I recently watched a moving short based on New Zealands HAKA history ,when during the world war at Christmas opposing enemies came together to play football.The New Zealanders performed the HAKA in uniform and the terrorized look on the oppositions faces was great until they realized they were being entertained ! The football match proceeded and ended with handshakes and jovial back slapping,wishing each other Merry Christmas and then (ironically) sadly back to killing each other !!

In this year of 2022 one very awful person has ordered 1000,s to go and die in a country that doesn,t belong to them ,for what? domination ? This planet is so very unique in our solar system and yet a small minority are hell bent on destroying this wonderful, beautiful world that belongs to ALL humans. People of this world, rise up, strive for peace (for three score and ten average life time that is not a long enough to appreciate life )

Looking at news films on Ukraine and to see how that country has been ravaged by a meglomaniac is reminscent of past wars ,only this time it could possible escalate to a catastrophic era never before witnessed ,all brought on by the lunatic rantings of again, ONE man.Current fad is for people to sit in roads to prohibit “normal” people going on with their lives and I say to this lunatic fringe get yourselves organized into one massive group and protest for world peace!! People of colour (black,brown,white,yellow,red,creed,religion,ethnicity and any I have missed ) get yourselves together and create world peace !! Wouldnt that be nice ?

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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