Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Comicon Finale Part 3 what a PARTY !

This event was nothing short of fantastic !and the five pound (10$) fee was well worth it as we had spent around 8 hrs enjoyine this very unique event held over ONE day with the venue fully booked and tickets sold out accomodating 12000 participants and fans !  I certainly enjoyed the fun and absolute friendliness that made the day complete.Entry was perhaps a little shabby by taking so long for people to enter the site although lots of fun was to be had in the enormously,lengthy que that circled the entire block twice,Odds are this event will be held in 2016 and sadly we wont be there.Inside the Winter Garden Complex are at the very least 3 ballrooms all packed with stalls all to do with comics etc and parades were held on all stages and we managed to visit all of them

DSC_0073-resized DSC_0074-resized DSC_0077-resized DSC_0079-resized DSC_0081-resized DSC_0082-resized DSC_0083-resized DSC_0084-resized DSC_0086-resized DSC_0088-resized DSC_0089-resized DSC_0091-resized DSC_0093-resized DSC_0094-resized DSC_0095-resized DSC_0099-resized DSC_0102-resized DSC_0104-resized DSC_0106-resized DSC_0108-resized DSC_0109-resized DSC_0110-resized

We took over 300 photo,s at this event and the last 3 blogs show just a fraction of characters attending this marvellous show.We hope with a luck we may be able to visit again a few years down the track.My second childhood was restored at this event


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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