Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Singapore the Final Destination

After almost 10 weeks away on holiday we are into the final throes with just a full day afore returning to Australian shores left in Singapore.This place is normally a great place to visit BUT as I write the air is filled with FIRE pollution drifting in from illegal forest fires in Malaysia and surrounding areas,the smog is thick and going out into open spaces could be hazardous to my health being asthmatic,however we did pay a visit to China Town in an attempt to cure Annie of her obsessive market visits .Didn,t work! we picked up a few “bargains” and headed back to our air conditioned hotel.The view from our window is great with the full view of the “Boat” Hotel peaking thru the thick smog,the hotel has a great laser beam show late at night but sadly it is difficult to photograph or video.The City is alive at this moment with the Formula One Race taking place this weekend (personally I find this type of sport very boring! but have a relative who can watch recordings ! as they say “each to their own”) We are using these few days to eleviate the “jet lag” we will no doubt experience,tiredness is already creeping in.Tomorrow we fly to Brisbane then onto our home in Hervey Bay,All in All excluding stops actually flight time is 22 hours and an aching bottom sums up what long distance flying can do !!

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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