Geoffs Life After Work !

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Domestication and a Park

Seems we are currently in the midst of a Heatwave (FOUR days of Sunshine,wow!) and yes it is hot,but I,m surviving.My daughter has sent details of flight from Perth to London and altho 6 months away everyone is so excited,its going to be the best Christmas ever! This morning I did a deal that has secured a washing machine and a drier for my flat (that should stop me smelling a bit!) Also did another massive shop,but I,m buggared if I can find any clothes pegs !  Next,because it is a lovely day off I ventured to my best grassy playground of my misspent youth Stanley Part and it is still a magnificent place full of lakes,floral areas,bowling greens and a lovely Art Deco cafe overlooking a brilliant water based Italian Garden ( Flash..just been on the roads some bitumin roads are melting !!) In the park is a large clock tower built by Mr Cocker ( seekin the truth we would use a local phrase “according to Cocker” to establish we are speaking facts )that in our younger days we would climb those stairs inside with ease But now? Band stand bythe lake is used at weekends to display local/national and international singer and is a great attraction drawing large crowds,Tonight I will settle in,watch telly and swig on the extraordinarily cheap Cider,ahhh bliss



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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