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Washing Machines/Ma Kellys & Life

Bought a washing machine & drier today and surprise surprise the washer don’t work !!  Not had it a few hours yet! Still awaiting for my Internet to be connected (they say could take up to 7 days !) These past few days have been rather warm  and lots of men walking around shirtless and most people walking in the Sun, how very different from Oz where Melanoma is rife among seniors (due to NO sun advice given when they were younger)  Life is good here I am lucky enough to  have met lovely people of whom some of them I sit with at my local pub The Queens .Hervey Bay seems to have faded into the past and I have moved on simply because time is now important.Blackpool is full of things to see & visit, meeting up with and making lots of new friends and of course surrounded by lots of family. Our house is in the process of being sold and any day now CLOSURE.The weather is typically British one day very sunny next very windy,wet and even cold  and I LOVE it ! Bus pass is extensively used,NHS looking after my health just wish I was a wee bit younger.I am in the process of booking a flight to Australia shortly to see my family there BUT will hopefully be back for Bonfire Night & definitely Christmas and New Year. Cinderella Pantomime is on the cards for my Grankids and their parents arrive for the festivities and I can,t wait to see their faces at their very first Pantomime…Happy Days Oh Happy Day one of my old youth haunts is at the promenade end of my street and has been closed for along while  BUT it has been bought by a group known as Ma Kellys (very brash,bawdy,fun loving pubs) and I feel I might become a local !! It used to be called Uncle Tom’s Cabin very popular in the 60/70 s and where men took other people s wives!! Opening day is in August and maybe, just maybe they might do something for locals (Yes that would be ME!)


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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