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My proper religion…Cricket

I’ve just watched an Australian movie called Howzat about the origins of one day cricket beginnings in the late 70s organised by Kerry Packer. Football ( soccer to others ) to me was a great sport when I was a mere spectator in those far of days in the 60,s when the game was more passionate and played with pride.Todays footballers are such Prima Dona,s who writhe in false agony when touched by an opposition player. The movie displayed how much I love Cricket,when my kids were young uns we would watch international games at out local riverside Park that always had a Village atmosphere and players were always available to sign autographs.Crowd involvement is always good humoured and most of all FUN ! One day games especially the 20/20 are exciting and swashbuckling displays of bat versus ball are aplenty.Huge games especially the England v Australia matches ( known as the Ashes) are hugely popular and play could last over a period of 5 days.Families attend these matches and are deemed very safe and crowd friendly.When I attained Australian Citizen and at the inauguration I was asked to support the Australian Cricket teams and of course I did but with my fingers firmly crossed behind my back ! Cricket Season is but a few weeks away and to drive past playing fields abound with young players from the age of 5 to Senior levels is a joy to behold.Ladies have their own professional and amateur teams and are very watchable.I miss the days when my young fella grew up playing at different levels and having fun,maybe today’s footballers should be encouraged to go and watch a game of Cricket and they may just learn a thing or 2 .Roll on those lazy hazy days of Summer and lots of glorious Cricket


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Life now and Then

I have just watched a lovely film as seen through the eyes of a young lad at the beginning of world war 2 . He was originally bound for Australia but his mother withdrew the move in a lovely showing of love and not wanting her family to be disbanded. Children saw houses being bombed and yet used the destroyed buildings as their playground of course the consequence of death never entered their minds ( I too thought we were indestructible at their age !) Young girls aged 15 were leaving school ( as did I at just 15 yrs and 2 weeks old) and had boyfriends.The young girls of the day were inventive with their dress styles and wouild even draw lines down the back of their legs to look “cool” ( a word not used in the looking good sense of today) Camaraderie amongst neighbours was great and all people affected by the bombings supported each other in a very caring fashion and all and I mean everyone was patriotic to the core (Something that seems lacking these Pandemic days) I was born in 1945 and the war was almost over,but those early days were among the best of my life,no TV,phones and street games were common due to hardly any cars parked on the roads! I am so glad I lived through those early years when young life was just plain and simply for fun.A good fun part in the movie was all the school kids thanking Adolf as they turned up for school only to find it had been burnt to the ground by the German bombers ! .Depicted in the film was families having Sunday dinner together and sat around the radio listening to entertaining programmes.I could go on for ages BUT I am happy with the memories of my fantastic youth,Peace to you all

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Community Radio in Oz

I was listening to the radio station I trained at earlier today in Queensland (FraserCoast fm 107.5) and my mind went back to those early days of the Millenium. Training was funny and my co learner Paul is now Manager of the Station. Our educator Pat was inspirational and occasionally prodded me with an imaginary sharp stick to keep me on track.I had shows over numerous time slots and occasionally did a FOREIGN music show that my German friend Jutta let me do ! Gawd knows why because I can hardly speak English myself!! This show is still going and very popular around the world,it also gave me a chance to research music from around the globe and consequently fell in love with some of the music .My pronunciation of certain songs wasn,t the best,however Jutta asked me several times to cover her show (Such Fun) The Station had plenty of friendly announcers ( sadly NOT all were friendly or helpful,but never a bother to me ) and most volunteered to attend fun raising events,with Bunnings Sausage Sizzle being one of the main stay fund raisers,I also had laughs with members of the public. My own shows consisted of music mainly from the 60/70/80s with the occasional up to date song. Community events are regularly read out and people ringing in for requests was going well.I,m a believer that Community radio is very popular with the senior population. All genres are covered by this station with music played from the early 20s to present date.Country is very popular,requests shows are very popular.Having traveled extensively around Australia I have visited a few radio stations that invariably use the same format with success (so I was informed) Sadly FraserCoast Radio is in Queensland and I absolutely loved that Station but can easily be reached via the Internet. I have worked in W.A at a station and after a while it did ok in the charts having reached number one on the radio charts a couple of times.After a couple of years the style of broadcasting has changed and my style was no longer used during weekdays leaving me no choice but to resign.I am a great believer in that Community Radio goes out to Seniors more than the younger generation although Weekend programmes are really good with some excellent presenters. My time is now taken up with being the Vice President of the Joondalup Probus Club and becoming quite adept at organizing Pub Style quizzes and also currently organizing a BINGO session (that I am really looking forward to doing) SO good people there really is life after retirement

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These oh so different times

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough for my family to take me to see a movie and a meal. The area is full of eateries that were well patronized , bars and were full of people enjoying their leisure time. Meals at various places were also very reasonably priced .I am at an age where i don’t give a toss about what food is good or bad for me so I opted for the very fattening, deliciously tasting humble hamburger with chips ( What’s fries?) Entertainment was provided by a not too bad singer/guitarist doing his very best to make people happy .Speakers are placed in all the venues enabling all customers to enjoy the music (I did) The Cinema complex is awesome and I was very impressed with the way the seating is placed to comply with the horrid virus that has spread worldwide i.e. the seating is individualized with adequate spacing between seating with lots of leg room,the movie wasn’t too bad altho I think my youngest grandson was a tad scared of the all conquering King Kong and Godzilla ! Having lots of family over in the UK I am very aware of the different ways of life is now happening between my 2 countries and hopefully everything will return to normal once more in the very near future.This year is not looking good for my what was once regular visit to my home town Blackpool in the UK ,BUT, fingers crossed for 2022 and will probably be my last visit there as sadly my advancing age is not slowing down! Strange how as a young bloke weekends took what seemed a lifetime to arrive,now come around in the blink (seemingly) of an eye Stay safe and stick by the rules,get the jab and hopefully a brighter future is just around the corner

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Australian Travel Life


These are just places in Tasmania one of the most beautiful places that I have visited,Having spent almost 2 months driving around the Isle and tested a lot of pubs and the local brew is BOAGS a beer I became quite easily addicted to !! and would early love to visit .Most Australians have not been to ALL states and Territories ,I am lucky enough to have travelled them all .I have just watched an Australian movie “Three Summers” and it has given me the urge to do it all again.Age is not on my side and I will put a lot of thought over the next few months to decide what I will do. Meeting extraordinary people on my travels was fantastic,some of the caravan sites are situated in the most inhospitable places on this planet. The outback the bush the deserts and flies,the bloody flies made it into an incredible journey.In between Australian travels I have been fortunate enough to have seen a lot of this wonderful world,if only mankind would stop buggaring it up .The country has allowed China to buy Huge bits of this country and that doesn,t gel very well with the general population and hope they (the Chinese) dont block off entry to certain areas.I will finish of this particular blog by showing some of the mainland parts of Australia I have passed thru and thank “Three Summers” for inspiring me .


There are literally hundreds more places in Oz that I have forgotten about,thankfully this blogging has helped me remember some of them

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Upwards and Onwards

Well into 2021 and future prospects looking great. My huge family in the UK have had their lives turned upside down. Pubs have been closed down (a way of life in my home town of Blackpool) and I feel for my family and friends .My local (when I go back to UK) is a great meeting place,lots of silly chatter and arguments, pub filled to capacity when England football team are playing, dart matches, dominoes ( yes dominoes) sadly all closed down due to the pandemic.There is hope though and vaccines should hopefully (when fully administered) help the UK back to a near normal life.Here in Perth our way of life has not altered much and good governing has made life very easy. My life is great at the moment and I have been re-elected as Vice President of our local Seniors Club (Joondalup Probus) I have made lots of friends and I also organize and run the popular quiz show (Ive also been lined up to organize Bingo !!) Our club enjoys great activities such as Cinema,Theatre,Restaurants,Cafes,local Tours etc and as a sideline a great Mahjong weekly session,I go just to stir the ladies up because I will never make Expert as some of the other players are but it is great fun,morning tea and nibbles all provided free and on occasions the ladies make lovely cakes.If you are in the area why not look us up?

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Covid/Hospital & Life

It all started as a pain in my side as I self diagnosed (because I’m an expert) as wind ! Went to bed feeling sorry for myself and 12 hrs later the wind had gone,however,I was feeling lethargic and regularly vomiting and unable to eat and continued for 4 days.My son in London rang and I had to fob him off quickly because I was about to throw up! Within hours my daughter came over ( my London son had rang her and told her about my sickness ) virtually dragged me by the ear to a flying Sunday Doctor visit! I was sent to Joondalup Emergency Hospital. All was going well at Triage when I started coughing,I was immediately given a mask and put in a COVID isolation Ward..arrgh because of these awful times everyone is a suspect !!! I wasn’t allowed visitors for 24 hrs and all staff had to wear equipment that was immediately destroyed after leaving the room ! Female staff were brilliant , the only exception was a male staff who seemed terrified of being in the same room ( I didn’t have COVID). One nurse made me a lovely cup of tea and I mused are you tea connoisseur ? she promptly said Yes and showed me cup & saucer with a teabag tattooed on her arm , honestly ! At around 1 am I was taken to the Isolation Ward and remained there for 24 hrs and given the all clear…hoorah…and moved to private room in the main ward . I am still here awaiting further examinations and hoping to be sent home tomorrow.Its a wait n see situation now.Staff have been incredible,,to all my family and friends who have sent Well Wishes I thank you,they have really helped. Upwards and Onwards now..The moral being ? DO NOT cough at Triage interviews if you do not have COVID !!!!

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Good Management

I am the Vice President of the local Probus Club ( an Australian wide organization) and very thankful that as Western Australians we can go about our lives in a very normal fashion . Visiting Theatres, Cinemas, Restaurants, Cafeterias and various places of interest is now a regular theme. I watch with sadness how life is unfolding in the UK where I have lots of immediate family as they go into self isolation with the hard possibility of Christmas being banned. Carol singing in my younger days was a great way of making extra cash ( I can imagine that festive activity, also part of my heritage has also been cancelled) In our part of the World we have followed instructions on how to get through these horrible times and very difficult to carry out at times,however we have persevered and life as mentioned is near back to normal. Overseas travelers are still required to do 14 days Quarantine at their own expense. If the UK still insist on having demonstrations or huge gatherings I fear they will never win this particular war. I wish all my overseas family and friends the very best in fighting their way out of this pandemic and wish you all safe lives. Be Strong

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Almost the end of 2020

This was a big year for me as I reached my 75 th Birthday my daughter had organized a reunion party,but sadly that was cancelled because of this infuriating disease cast upon us. Because most of West Australians have abided by the restrictions we are able to carry on with our normal lives with exceptions thrown in for good measure i.e. Social Distancing etc .I spent the beginning of August in Hospital and that has given me a new outlook on life ,at the time of writing I am over 100 days without alcohol (self initiated) and wouldn’t you know it? the bloke next door has installed a still !! Probus is going from strength to strength and we are able to carry on with outings (Cinema,10 pin bowling,picnics,morning tea venues etc) during these horrible times.I have started to use my free transport pass and use the trains regularly enabling me to travel extensively around Perth-Midland-Mandurah-Armadale and so on all for Free.Life for Seniors is pretty good here (I even have a Gvt supplied cleaner because of my Diabetes 2) Our Club ( Probus Joondalup ) has organized a Christmas Dinner and I have been tasked with doing a Pub Quiz in December ( and I am really looking forward to that) Members have involved themselves by doing Raffles and organizing other activities within our community centre ( built 2019 and has all the amenities including large meeting space,lots of tables and chairs and best of all,a fully equipped kitchen!) The Monday Mahjong sessions are going well and I thoroughly enjoy those weekly get togethers ( the ladies also bring in delicious home made cakes) Saturday next I am for the seventh time going with my family to see the show ” We Will Rock You” at our wonderful theatre situated in the Crown Casino. Since my hospital situation I have lost 17 Kgs and feeling great. On a lighter note,I visited my local Mall Shopping Centre on a 30 C day and Frosty the Snowman was blasting out over the loud speakers !! Roll on Christmas and to all my world wide pals Stay Safe

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Forward,Positive Outlook

All that can be said about this year is not printable, I fear for my family over in UK and listening to UK Talk back radio doesn’t really help at all ! HOWEVER because people in my Australian home town Perth have behaved and followed the rules we are currently free of all restrictions (and of course that could change in a heartbeat) My life style is going really good thankfully. I am currently Vice President of the local Probus Club and this group is making good progress. Christmas has been organized and I am looking forward to that !! A Cinema group has been formed and out first movie is next week, morning tea sessions are held regularly with an outing due next week. The Christmas monthly meeting to be held in December has been changed so that I can run a Quiz (should be fun) and of course there ia the regular Monday Mahjong Sessions and that is a favourite of mine and I am still in learner mode ! Hopefully future events may include a trip to Kalgoorlie (around 600 kms) using our Government issued free rail pass.All in all we are still very functional and hopefully the future looks rosy…Stay safe everyone

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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